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Air Freight


Air Freight

Infinity logistics has the power to help businesses grow – based on years of experience and influenced by the changing needs of our customers, We divide our Air Freight product into service levels, which are packages offering routings, different delivery times, handling procedures and prices, making it easy to match any need.

Experience tells us that the real difference in air freight is made on the ground. And we constantly upgrade and refine our work to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective air freight service.

Our global network of selected agents who enable us to create and offer a strong and seamless service. Infinty Logistics has special contract with top airlines like cathay pacific,china southern, Singapore airlines, Thai airways, Qatar airways,Emirates etc.

You can rely on Infinity Logistics to provide :

  • Standardized efficient operational systems
  • Fixed capacities with strong carriers

Other Services:

  • Worldwide strong network
  • Documentation and customs clearance procedures
  • Handling services
  • On- and off-site transportation service